Del. House District Maps Released

New proposed maps for Delaware’s 41 State House districts have been released. The maps are redrawn every ten years following the Census.

Del. House Passes Minimum Wage Increase


After a series of failed amendments, the Delaware House of Representatives Thursday gave final legislative approval to an increase in Delaware’s minimum wage, to be phased in…

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Opponents Of Gun Bills Criticize Process

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Two gun-related bills have passed in the Delaware State Senate, but opponents and critics Thursday continued to question their constitutionality. They have also spoken out about the…

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ERA Amendment To Del. Constitution Passes State Senate


An Equal Rights Amendment to the Delaware Constitution would add “race, color and national origin” to the basic rights of Delawareans guaranteed under the Constitution.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal Passes Del. State Senate
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A proposed amendment to the Delaware state Constitution that would prohibit discrimination based on race, color or national origin advances in the Delaware General Assembly.