Vote-By-Mail Legislation Goes To Gov. Carney


Delawareans will be able to head to the mailbox instead of the ballot box to vote in future elections, under a bill approved by the State Senate.

The vote was 18-3. It now goes to Governor John Carney.

The Department of Election will mail applications to vote by mail to each qualified voter. The application would have to be signed and returned for the voter to receive a ballot.

Polling places would still be open on election day.

Supporters say vote by mail ensures that any Delawarean would be able to cast a ballot without being concerned about going out during a pandemic, or the possibility of a line at the voting booth.

In a statement Thursday, Carney said:

“My position on this issue has been simple and consistent. We should make it easier – not harder – for all Delawareans to exercise their fundamental right to vote and participate in our democratic process. That’s especially important this year as our state and country continue to grapple with the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This legislation will make sure that Delawareans can fairly and securely cast their ballots and have their voices heard.”