Update: More Gun Bills Advance In Del. General Assembly


The Delaware State Senate has given final legislative approval to three gun-related bills, following a push by Democratic leaders and Governor John Carney just a few weeks ago. Two other gun bills have also been approved and sent to the House for consideration.

“Today was a victory for the vast majority of Delawareans who demanded to see their elected officials take action on strong public safety legislation in the wake of this latest round of horrifying mass shootings,” Senate President Pro Tempore David Sokola, D-Newark said. “I’m incredibly proud of my Caucus for fulfilling the promises they made on the campaign trail and I’m grateful to my colleagues in the House for working through some minor disagreements on the finer points of some bills with grace and understanding. By putting aside our differences and agreeing to work in the best interests of Delawareans, we were able to make incredible progress today on protecting the safety of our children and our communities.” 

House Bill 450 would effectively discontinue the buying and selling of more than 60 classified rifles and handguns described by the sponsors as ‘assault style’ weapons. Those that were legally purchased before the bill is signed into law would be grandfathered, and owners would be able to certify that the purchase occurred before the law takes effect.

SS 1 for Senate Bill 6 passed the Senate and the House Thursday. It would ban the sale of large-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 17 rounds. Under the bill, penalties would be enhanced if illegal magazines are used in the commission of a crime.
A buyback program would also be created to purchase large-capacity magazines that are currently in circulation.

House Bill 423 would return the background check process to the state-run Firearm Transaction Approval Program.

Two other firearms-related measures were also passed by the Senate and go to the House for consideration:

Senate Bill 302 seeks to amend the existing liability shield that protects gun makers and gun dealers from civil action, even when their conduct “knowingly or recklessly endangers the health and safety of Delawareans.”

-Senate Bill 8 would outlaw possession, sale and use of auto sears, Glock switches and other devices that can convert semi-automatic firearms into fully automatic machine guns.