UPDATED & BREAKING: Numerous Power Outages Following Storms


We’re getting reports of numerous power outages across Kent County, following a line of storms that triggered a Severe Thunderstorm Warning on Wednesday evening.

Since 7 p.m., we’ve received reports of wires down in Felton, at Kenton Road, Highland Road, Upper King Road and Lochmeath Way in Dover, as well as in Clayton, Camden-Wyoming and Smyrna. We’re also told there’s an electrical issue at 18 Whispering Lane in Magnolia.

LAST UPDATED AT 8:39 P.M.: Delmarva Power says nearly 7,000 customers are without power overall, although most of those outages are centered in New Castle and Cecil Counties. In Kent County, 445 customers are without power. Delaware Electric Cooperative reports 1,916 outages in Kent County. Power restoration in many areas is expected after midnight, according to Delmarva Power and Delaware Electric Co-op officials.

UPDATED – 3:55 – From Delaware Electric Cooperative – As storms rolled through Kent and Sussex Counties last night – power outages left many DEC customers in the dark. Just after 9pm DEC reported over 3700 members without power and all available crews on the job. There were reports of utility poles and trees down from the strong winds and rain. By 10:30pm power had been restored to about 3000, but crews were working to splice spans of wire together to restore power to the remaining 700 still without electric. DEC officials report significant damage to the lines in Kent County, but crews would remain on the job until everyone is restored.

2 a.m. Outage Update: power has been restored to all but 279 members. Crews will spend the rest of the night getting the lights back on for everyone. Thanks for your patience, let’s hope Thursday is quieter!

At 4am – DEC still had about 35 members without power in Kent and Sussex Counties. They are hoping power is restored by 9am

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