DE General Assembly Passes Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban


Delaware lawmakers have approved House Bill 130 which deals with single use plastic bags.  Governor John Carney applauds the legislation and says he will sign the bill.  The measure expands existing at-store recycling programs, but stores that are subject to this program now will be limited from providing single use bags and encourage a shift to reusable bags.  A ban on the providing of single use plastic bags at checkout will begin January 1st of 2021.

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Governor John Carney released this statement following the Senate’s passage of HB 130…

“Plastic bags are a significant source of litter in our state. Many get stuck in trees or discarded on the side of the road. We know that very few plastic bags are recycled and many end up as litter in our communities. I look forward to signing this legislation, which will help clean up our state and give us another tool to protect our environment. Thank you to the sponsor of this legislation, Representative Brady, and members of the Delaware House and Senate for their partnership on this issue.”