Governor Carney calls on Congress to “outlaw assault weapons”


Delaware Governor John Carney joined 11 other governors from across the country today and issued a letter calling on President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “outlaw assault weapons” “The federal government has a history of acting on gun reform when the American public demands it. In 1934, the federal government regulated machine…

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DE General Assembly Passes Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban


Delaware lawmakers have approved House Bill 130 which deals with single use plastic bags.  Governor John Carney applauds the legislation and says he will sign the bill.  The measure expands existing at-store recycling programs, but stores that are subject to this program now will be limited from providing single use bags and encourage a shift…

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UPDATED: No Ruling Yet in Ocean City Topless Ban Lawsuit


UPDATED 12-9-18 – Five women are hoping a federal judge in Baltimore will strike down Ocean City’s ordinance that prohibits women going topless in public in the resort.  They were in US District Court in Baltimore Friday, however the Baltimore Sun reports the judge has not yet made a ruling – but will do so…

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