Del. House Democrats Introduce 3 Voting Measures


Democrats in the Delaware State House of Representatives have filed three bills that intend to drive up voter turnout and remove barriers to voting.

One measure is the second leg of a Constitutional Amendment that would eliminate absentee ballot limitations.

Another bill would change the Delaware state primary to coincide with the presidential primary election in April. For years, the state primary has been held in September. Under the bill, the primary would also be held in April in non-presidential election years.

A third bill introduced for the General Assembly session would allow same-day voter registration, eliminating what the sponsor calls an ‘arbitrary deadline’ of several weeks before an election to register to vote.

“These legislative priorities represent an effort to move Delaware’s elections into the 21st century and provide Delawareans with increased access to the polls,” Representative David Bentz, D- Christiana, said. “States across the country have already instituted many of these initiatives and it’s time Delaware take the same steps to modernize its elections and get up to speed with the rest of the country.”