Same-Day Voter Registration Bill Approved By Del. House


Legislation that would allow same day registration in Delaware has cleared the State House of Representatives.House Bill 25(s) would do away with the current deadline to register to vote, which is almost a month before elections (the fourth Saturday before Election Day).The voter would be required to show a valid and current government-issued photo or…

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Voting Rights Coalition Forms In Del.


Delaware now has what’s billed as the state’s first statewide coalition focused strictly on expanding access to voting. The Delaware Voting Rights Coalition plans to work for passage of a bill that would implement permanent, no-excuse absentee voting, allowing Delawareans to vote by mail. House Bill 75 is a constitutional amendment requiring passage in two…

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Del. House Democrats Introduce 3 Voting Measures


Democrats in the Delaware State House of Representatives have filed three bills that intend to drive up voter turnout and remove barriers to voting. One measure is the second leg of a Constitutional Amendment that would eliminate absentee ballot limitations. Another bill would change the Delaware state primary to coincide with the presidential primary election…

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