EXCLUSIVE | Bullying causes Sussex Central HS student to have seizure

Sussex Central High School – Indian River School District

A Georgetown Mom is outraged and speaking out after her daughter was thrown into a seizure following a series of bullying incidents at Sussex Central High School.

Christina Lahman-Russell, of Georgetown, says her daughter, Tori, has been the victim of ongoing bullying since the start of the school year. In fact, her birthday was this past Saturday and on Monday the bullies gave her a “birthday card” attacking her with a list of obscenities.

In an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree, Christina Lahman-Russell explains…

“Happy Birthday you fat bitch, fake fat bitch,” she said, reading the card. “Thanks for choosing a boy over us, no wonder your ankles hurt because it’s carrying around your fat ass. A lot of derogatory remarks.”

Lahman-Russell says she wasted no time and went straight to the school the next morning to meet with the principal, at which time she witnessed the group of girls threatening her daughter.

“I saw something weird when I walked into the school,” she said. “My daughter’s being confronted by three of these girls, stating that they’re going to, excuse my language, kick her ass. And then another girl said, ‘when she’s done I got something for ya.”

Tori suffers from a host of medical-related issues, most notably seizures. She had to be taken out of school early last year because she was suffering from at least 15 a day, according to Lahman-Russell, who said the stress of the bullying threw her daughter into two of them Tuesday afternoon.

Christina Lahman-Russell tells our Rob Petree how the bullying caused her daughter to have a seizures…

“My daughter had two seizures today because of these incidents,” she said. “When she has these seizures, and goes out, it’s like a completely restarting her whole body. I had to bring her home, she’s completely drained. I don’t think it’s fair that these kids do this. It’s taking away from a child who goes to school who wants to get her education.”

WGMD News reached out to the Indian River School District who said the school takes all incidents’ of bullying very seriously and acted immediately once adminstration was made aware of what was happening.

“Sussex Central High School takes such reports very seriously and acted immediately upon being made aware of the situation this morning,” the district stated. “The students involved have been disciplined in accordance with the district’s discipline policy and student code of conduct.”

An increased focus has been placed on bullying in Sussex County since the start of the school year after a local Mom spoke out over homophobic bullying at Seaford High School after her son was attacked for being gay and almost brought a knife to school following constant harrassment since the start of the school year.