Georgetown Makes Strides In Financial Transparency Online


The Town of Georgetown is developing a new online feature that offers easy-to-interpret financial data and other insights into town operations.

Georgetown is working with ClearGov, an online budgeting and communications software company that serves local governments, to create the new Transparency Center.

“We are proud to have taken this proactive step toward a more open and accessible government and we’re excited to make this intuitive, user-friendly, and ADA-optimized experience available to our community,” Georgetown Mayor Bill West said. “These days, not everyone has the time to attend public meetings. The Transparency Center will make it easy and convenient for interested residents to stay informed.”

Features also make it possible for people with disabilities who use screen readers or voice recognition software to have access to such information. More features will be added in coming months.

“ClearGov is pleased to partner with the Town Georgetown to enhance their transparency efforts and drive citizen engagement.” said ClearGov CEO Chris Bullock said. “Residents should be proud of the leadership the Town of Georgetown has demonstrated by embracing innovation and taking that essential next step toward true clarity and accountability in local government.”