Groups Call For Independent Probe Of OCPD Conduct During Arrests


The arrests of four young black men on the Ocean City boardwalk during which officers used force when they resisted are drawing more criticism.

The NAACP of Worcester County, the State of Maryland Conference and other organizations gathered Wednesday for a news conference and rally in Annapolis. They called for an independent investigation of the June 12th incident and suspension of the officers.

Another incident June 6th during which a person was tased when he put his hands up on command but then dropped them is also under review.

Maryland NAACP State Conference President Willie Flowers hinted at a boycott, but stopped short of recommending one.

“If Ocean City doesn’t want the money of young black men and they want to spend their time attacking them, using MMA moves on them when they’re on the ground handcuffed, then maybe we shouldn’t spend our money in Ocean City,” Flowers said.

Mayor Rick Meehan told WGMD Tuesday that the arrests were being thoroughly investigated and some time is needed.

“You’ve seen bits and pieces of videos on the boardwalk. I ask everybody to wait until all of the videos and true stories can be told – the complete story,” Meehan said.

A violation of the town’s vaping ordinance and one person’s refusal to stop or provide identification resulted in that person and several others being arrested while resisting. For previous coverage, please CLICK HERE