Meet Rehoboth’s New City Manager, Taylour Tedder!


“The thing that I love about local government is that you really can see that impact on a daily basis of the work that we do. So whether that’s a park bench that’s freshly painted, or the landscaping that’s really well kept, that all adds up,” says Taylour Tedder, Rehoboth’s new city manager.

Tedder began as the Rehoboth Beach city manager on May 15. On Wednesday, you can share some coffee and conversation with him during a “meet the city manager” coffee from 9 to 10 a.m. in the third-floor training room at city hall.

Tedder, who comes to Rehoboth Beach from Boulder City, Nevada, where he was also the city manager, has several priorities in mind as he settles into his new position. That includes a strategic plan, where the city would set clear goals and deliverables for city employees based on set policies and priorities, identifying additional revenue sources, creating efficiencies and savings, and studying departmental structures to see how and where best to utilize employees.

Taylour Tedder’s many awards and accomplishments on display in his office.

“I am looking to increase communication and transparency with residents, business owners and visitors. I have prior experience in instilling a customer service excellence culture, so it’s making sure that we’re taking care of everyone that needs assistance from the city in a positive manner,” Tedder says. “So I want to make sure that we are delivering the highest level of service possible to people,” he adds.

He is looking forward to the “coffee with the city manager” event this coming Wednesday. “I love meeting residents and they care about the community because I want to do the best job possible and I do want to be here a long time. So I want to form the relationships and make sure that I’m addressing the community’s needs as well as the city commission’s priorities,” he stated.

Why did he pick Rehoboth Beach? “I really do love the beach. That’s definitely a huge selling point. But the other thing about Rehoboth Beach is it does feel like a small community and while it is a small community, it gets large with the visitors but you still have that small town feel and so I enjoy that,” he points out.

He also wanted to be in the east because he likes the climate and the general area, and the humidity too! “Some people don’t like that, but I do… After three years in the Mojave Desert, it feels great,” he adds.