MERR Institute Welcomes Reports Of Seal Sightings – But, Please Don’t Get Near Them


Seals have made their usual seasonal return to Delmarva beaches and waterways – and with that, marine biologists are cautioning locals and visitors not to get too close to them.

According to Lewes-based Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute, four species of seals typically visit the area during the winter months and can often be seen on rocks, beaches and docks.

Often, they are just resting.

Beach-goers and boaters are advised to keep a substantial distance from any seals they may see, and be sure that dogs are on a leash. Any attempt to feed or interact with a seal may cause it to go back into the water before it’s rested. Disease may also be spread.

Seal sightings may be reported to MERR’s 24-hour hotline at 302-228-5029 and specialists may come out to determine if the animal is in distress and a rescue is needed. If the seal appears healthy, the institute will keep watch to make sure the seal is able to rest undisturbed.

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