Rescued Seal Tom Sawyer Returns To The Ocean

Rescue seal Tom Sawyer is released at Assateague State Park | August 11, 2021 Courtesy of Theresa Keil, National Aquarium. NOAA Permit 18786-04

A juvenile grey seal, Tom Sawyer, has been released into the ocean at Assateague State Park. The seal was rehabilitated at the National Aquarium Animal Care and Rescue Center, after being rescued from a Delaware beach in April, in coordination with the Marine Education Research and Rehabilitation Institute. Tom Sawyer was found to be suffering…

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Grey Seal Pup Rescued At Cape Henlopen

Eloise | Grey Seal | February 16, 2021 ā€œCourtesy of the National Aquarium Photographer Theresa Keil.ā€

A grey seal pup rescued at Cape Henlopen is being cared for at the National Aquarium Animal Care and Rescue Center. The Marine Education and Rehabilitation Institute took in the seal pup last month. She’s been given the name Eloise, and is believed to be less than one month old. The seal was found to…

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Rescued Seal Pippi Is Back In The Ocean

Seal Release | Pippi Longstocking | November 11, 2020

Pippi, a gray seal rescued at Dewey Beach in February, has been successfully rehabilitated at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and is now back in her ocean home. The Marine Education Research Rehabilitation Institute, or MERR, coordinated the rescue nine months ago. Pippi had a number of ailments, was malnourished and dehydrated and appeared to…

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