UPDATED: Daniel Marabello Elected to Milford 1st Ward Seat


UPDATED:   There was only one contested race for the Milford City Council on Saturday.  In the 1st Ward race, former Milford Mayor, Daniel Marabello received 181 votes and Samuel Passwaters received 98 votes.  Marabello has been elected to a two-year term on the city council.  The other three races were uncontested – Todd Culotta, Douglas Morrow and Jason James will return to the council.   They will be sworn in at 7pm on Monday, May 6th.


Voters in Milford will go to the polls on Saturday (April 27) to elect one candidate to the city council.  There is only one contended race.  In the 1st Ward, former Mayor Daniel Marabello and Samuel Passwaters are looking to take the seat being vacated by Christopher Mergner. In the 2nd Ward, incumbent Todd Culotta is running unopposed.  In the 3rd Ward, incumbent Douglas Morrow is unopposed as is incumbent Jason James in the 4th Ward.  The polls are open from 10 to 6pm at City Hall.