UPDATED: Power Outages the Early AM Wake-up for Bridgeville & Lewes


About 2000 people in Bridgeville were without power for a time this morning. Power went out around 6:30am and Delmarva Power spokesman Timothy Stokes tells WGMD, “Our operations team shared with me that we did experience an outage in the Bridgeville area this morning at 6:30 a.m., impacting 2,068 customers. The outage was caused by a bird making contact with equipment at our Bridgeville Substation. Once alerted to the outage, a crew was immediately dispatched and was able to investigate the issue, making repairs in quick and safe fashion. Service for those impacted was restored around 7:30 a.m.”

There was also an outage this morning in the Lewes area which affected about 71 members of the Delaware Electric Cooperative. Early estimates from crews on the scene was that the cause was a possible underground faulted wire. DEC spokesman, Jeremy Tucker tells WGMD, ” Crews found an issue with an underground power line in the McNicol Place Development. The outage lasted several hours and impacted 91 members, although not all of them were out of power the entire time. We’re happy to report the outage has been repaired.”