Quarterfinalists Announced for Wicomico Teacher of the Year


Educators from throughout Wicomico County Public Schools have been named quarterfinalists for 2024-2025 Wicomico Teacher of the Year. By the end of the school day this Friday, one quarterfinalist from each school, and one teacher from Special Programs, will be named as a semifinalist for Wicomico Teacher of the Year. Semifinalists will go on to take part in scored activities including the Fishbowl public speaking event, a writing prompt, and an interview with a blue ribbon panel of judges. Scores from all three of these activities will tallied to determine the four finalists for Teacher of the Year (those with the four highest total scores). The next Teacher of the Year will be the finalist with the highest total score.

You’ll find the list of quarterfinalists below.

Additional Information

All of the semifinalists will be celebrated and the finalists and winner will be named at the Teacher of the Year Celebration in the spring, along with second-year Rising Star finalists and the teachers of the year for each Special Program.

The next Wicomico Teacher of the Year will be one of the teachers listed here. Congratulations to all!

Quarterfinalists for Wicomico Teacher of the Year:

Beaver Run Elementary: Ebonee Barkley, Kristen Eck Sweigert

Bennett Middle: Amy Davidson, Ann Marie Brennan, Christine Wolfe

Charles H. Chipman Elementary: Jennifer Hare, Patricia Sims

Delmar Elementary: Amanda Taylor, Jenna Purnell, Stephanie Rush

East Salisbury Elementary: Brittany Smith, Montine Garcia-Miller, Matthew Snyder

Fruitland Intermediate: Andrea Urban, Megan Franco, Kathryn Acon

Fruitland Primary: Kellie Harvey, Kellie Martino, Linda Stanley

Glen Avenue Elementary: Lyndsay Greenan, Micaela Williams

James M. Bennett High: Jared Cooper, Kimberly Fitzgerald, Megan Matthews

Mardela Middle & High: Brooke Keene, Kelly Wells, Patricia Baer

North Salisbury Elementary: Donna Gregory, Priscilla Bower Sterling, Richard Dickson

Northwestern Elementary: Melissa Hileman, Nadia Peterson, Elisabeth Elliott

Parkside High: Brigette Menzel, Mollie Schoenfelder, Tammy Donaway, Tracy Hunter

Pemberton Elementary: Heather McDonough, Joy Venere, Vanessa Stein

Pinehurst Elementary: Ashlie Webster, Katherine Byrne, Robert Nevrly

Pittsville Elementary & Middle: Art Davidson, Ashley Palmer, Lindsay Smack

Prince Street Elementary: Erika Kissinger, Meredyth Croteau, Theresa Spicer

Salisbury Middle: Christopher Agoglia, Lisa Blagus, Rachel Thompson

West Salisbury Elementary: Dr. Harlan Eagle, Kerri Corron Kurten, Lauren Gilmore

Westside Intermediate: Dawn Bonenberger, Kara Watson, Theresa DeLizza

Westside Primary: Danielle Thompson, Marianne Noelte, Mary Hammond

Wicomico High: Danielle Glenn, Emma Cohn Matthews, Tangela Ames-Parker

Wicomico Middle: Ashley Baer Carpenter, Debbie Reynolds

Willards Elementary: Gretchen Klahr, Jamie Spears, Lauren Hudson

Special Programs:

Birth to Five: Pamela Mills

Choices Academy: Harrison Nowalk

English Language Support Center: Beth Wolff

Wicomico Elementary Virtual Academy: Magic Mapp