Sussex County Bookmobile to Become Mobile Vaccination Unit


Image courtesy Sussex County Government

There will be another method for getting coronavirus vaccinations in Sussex County – with the enlisting of the County Bookmobile through the county library. Sussex County EMS, County Library and Beebe Healthcare have teamed up with the County Council’s unanimous vote to provide this service. Since last year, the Bookmobile has been parked, but it will now be revamped from giving out books and DVDs to a medical unit to give coronavirus vaccinations to people who may not be able to sign up for the state registry or get to a vaccination event. Instead, the van and the vaccine will come to them.

Multiple communities throughout the county were named where people in need of the coronavirus vaccination are hard-to-reach it’s hoped the mobile unit will be in service by early April. County paramedics will be on hand to assist Beebe staff in administering the COVID-19 shots, as well as monitor patients for any adverse reactions. In addition to providing and administering the shots, Beebe Healthcare will also identify communities, as well as handle all patient scheduling, in advance. Shots will be provided to recipients with no out-of-pocket costs.