Sussex County Libraries Offering Wi-Fi Hotspots


All the libraries in Sussex County are now wi-fi hotspots.  Users can pick up broadband on their devices by going to their local library and connecting to the universal “Library Outdoors’ broadcast signal.  The access will be available from 6am to 9pm daily until further notice.   

Users are reminded to observe appropriate social distancing while in parking lots or on nearby side streets, maintaining at least 6 feet from other patrons at all times.

“Like electricity, water, or the telephone, broadband access is a critical service, especially now, for so many people who are under Delaware’s ‘stay-at-home’ order and having to work or study remotely,” County Librarian Kathy Graybeal said. “Libraries historically have been centers of knowledge and culture in their communities. Despite being closed right now because of the pandemic, we can still fulfill that fundamental role by connecting citizens who don’t have Internet at home so they can work, learn, apply for a job or unemployment benefits, or simply keep up on the latest pandemic news. We’re proud to offer that link.”

For more on the free WiFi ‘hotspot’ service, as well as a list of community libraries and locations, please visit