Voluntary Evacuation Called for All of Chincoteague


Chincoteague has declared a local state of emergency as tidal flooding will begin this morning and continue through Tuesday. Chincoteague Emergency Management officials expect major flooding Monday afternoon during high tide between 2 and 5pm and a voluntary evacuation has been issued for all of Chincoteague – especially those who live in the Bunker Hill…

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Two People Who Fell from Tanker Ship off Chincoteague Expected to Survive


Two engineers who fell from a tanker ship’s lifeboat about 70 miles east of Chincoteague are expected to survive their injuries. Coast Guard officials tell WGMD the two were working on the tanker’s lifeboat, when it detached and dropped into the water. The Coast Guard and Navy responded, saving the pair. They suffered injuries including…

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Two Chincoteague Ponies Die after Being Trapped in Mud


Chincoteague Saltwater Cowboys found three ponies stuck in the mud last night – one of the ponies had died and two were having trouble.  The two, Surf Queen and Randy, were taken to the Chincoteague carnival grounds and the vet called.  While both seemed to be rallying, the fire department this morning announced that Surf…

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ASPIRE Launch from Wallops Successful


NASA had a successful launch Saturday morning.  ASPIRE is the Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment and NASA was testing a parachute for possible future missions to Mars. The parachute payload was deployed by a suborbital sounding rocket to an altitude of about 32 miles, then splashed-down in the Atlantic off Wallops Island where data…

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Peak Winds During Storm


Some of the peak wind gusts recorded around the peninsula Friday include: 70 mph Chincoteague 66 Lewes 62 Ocean City 62 Dover 61 Salisbury Winds Saturday will blow from the north northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour.  

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