Del. Senators Pass New Phase Of Bail Reform


People charged with certain offenses would not be eligible for bail, under a bill (SS 1 for SB 11) approved in the Delaware State Senate Thursday.The first leg of a proposed constitutional amendment would allow the General Assembly to add crimes and circumstances where preventative detention would protect public safety.Currently, courts are permitted to hold…

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Del. Bill Proposes “Green Amendment” In State Constitution


Delawareans would have a constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment, under legislation introduced in the Delaware General Assembly.The constitutional Green Amendment would add language to the Delaware Constitution to conserve, protect and maintain the state’s natural resources.House Bill 220 would represent the first leg of a constitutional Green Amendment. A two-thirds majority would…

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Voting Amendment Falls Short In Del. House


A vote of 25 yes, 14 no was not enough in the Delaware House of Representatives to pass the second leg of a Constitutional Amendment that would have eliminated limitation as to when a person could vote by absentee ballot. The same bill passed 38-3 in the previous Delaware General Assembly. A two-thirds majority in…

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Rep. Smyk Co-Sponsor’s HB 109 – A “Budget Stabilization Fund”


State Rep. Steve Smyk is co-sponsoring a new constitutional amendment – House Bill 109 – that would limit state spending and replace the “Rainy Day Fund” with a more robust mechanism to protect Delawareans from the consequences of an economic downturn.  The measure would limit the annual growth of state spending, linking it to factors…

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Constitutional Amendment Proposal Passes Del. State Senate


A proposed amendment to the Delaware state Constitution that would prohibit discrimination based on race, color or national origin advances in the Delaware General Assembly. The State Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill Tuesday. It’s part of a package of justice-based measures announced last week by the Delaware Legislative Black Caucus. The proposed amendment moves to…

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State ERA Constitutional Amendment Passes State House


The Delaware House has approved HB 1 – a proposed amendment to the Delaware Constitution relating to equal rights by a 35 to 6 vote.  The measure has already been passed in the 149th General Assembly session, but still needs approval in the 150th to amend the state Constitution.  In 1972 the US Congress passed…

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