DE AG’s Office Issues Cease & Desist Orders in ‘Pig Butchering Scam’


The Attorney General’s office has issued a cease and desist order against 23 entities and individuals involved in a “pig butchering scam.” The AG’s office describes this as a cryptocurrency scam where victims are groomed over time to make investments using cryptocurrency only to find what they thought what was a safe investment was a…

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Del. State Police Issue Warnings About Crypto-Scams

3D Scam - Image: © Copyright Imagentle/Shutterstock

The spread of cryptocurrency has also led to more scams, according to Delaware State Police. Police said Thursday that they are seeing an increase in scams involving the use of crypto ATM machines and fraudulent Q.R. codes. People are being leveraged to send money in these forms of payments during schemes that may include impersonation…

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