Proposed Legislation to Eliminate Death Penalty in Delaware


Legislation just introduced would eliminate the death penalty in Delaware. As such, the penalty for a person who is convicted of first-degree murder for an offense that was committed after the person’s 18th birthday is imprisonment for the remainder of the person’s natural life without benefit of probation or parole or any other reduction. A…

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Democrats introduce bill to ban the death penalty in Delaware amid attempts to reinstate it


A constitutional amendment has been brought forth in Delaware by two Democratic lawmakers who want to render the death penalty unconstitutional amid attempts to reinstate it. State Representative Sean Lynn and State Senator Bryan Townsend have teamed up to introduce the legislation to deem the death penalty explicitly unconstitutional under Delaware’s constitution. Rep. Lynn argues…

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New Bipartisan Capital Punishment Bill in Dover


Legislation that would restore capital punishment in Delaware is looking for sponsors in the General Assembly. The Extreme Crimes Protection Act is a bipartisan measure that would reinstate the death penalty for those found guilty of the state’s worst crimes – as well as act as a restraining factor against the commission of those crimes.…

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