Proposed Amendment Seeks to Protect Parental Rights in Delaware


Two Delaware lawmakers are proposing to amend the state constitution to confirm that parents have a fundamental right to the “care, custody and control of their child.” State Rep. Charles Postles (R-Milford North) and State Sen. Bryant Richardson (R-Seaford) maintain that the Parental Rights Protection Amendment is needed to safeguard parental authority against government encroachment. Rep. Postles said one high-profile…

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The Delaware General Assembly has been Served


A lawsuit was filed Friday morning in Wilmington – in the US District Court for the District of Delaware, which is Federal Court, to bring an end to the Delaware General Assembly’s virtual meetings which have been going on since the last session, and return to in-person meetings at Legislative Hall in Dover. Attorney Julianne…

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Equal Rights Measure to be Added to DE Constitution


An amendment to the Delaware Constitution has passed both chambers in consecutive sessions of the General Assembly.  The State Senate approved HB 1 with a 16 to 5 vote.  The words “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.”  The bill now goes to the Governor for…

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DE Senate Defeats Equal Rights Amendment to State Constitution


Legislation that would amend the Delaware Constitution was defeated in the State Senate Wednesday.  House Bill 399 would provide equal rights on the basis of sex.  An amendment to the US Constitution was passed in 1972 but not ratified by the number of needed states by the 1982 deadline.  Delaware was one of the first…

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