Del. Equal Rights Amendment Could Expand


Delaware’s Equal Rights Amendment could be further amended to ensure that the rights of Delawareans are equally protected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Thursday, state lawmakers and advocates gathered at Legislative Hall to unveil a proposal (HB 199) to add protections to the Delaware Constitution’s equal rights clause. Delaware would become the…

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ERA Amendment To Del. Constitution Passes State Senate


An Equal Rights Amendment to the Delaware Constitution would add “race, color and national origin” to the basic rights of Delawareans guaranteed under the Constitution. The State Senate voted unanimously Thursday to support the Amendment, sending it to the House for consideration. Delaware and many other states still do not have specific provisions in their…

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DE Senate Defeats Equal Rights Amendment to State Constitution


Legislation that would amend the Delaware Constitution was defeated in the State Senate Wednesday.  House Bill 399 would provide equal rights on the basis of sex.  An amendment to the US Constitution was passed in 1972 but not ratified by the number of needed states by the 1982 deadline.  Delaware was one of the first…

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