UPDATED: Tropical Storm Ophelia’s Impacts on Delmarva This Weekend

Heavy Rain on Street - Photo: © Copyright Mr Twister/Shutterstock

UPDATED 9/23/23: Tropical Storm Opheila has brought heavy rains and strong winds to Delmarva. The Talk of Delmarva’s Joe Ciccanti was in Bethany Beach and reports on what conditions were like there this morning… UPDATED – 9/22/23 – FEMA District 3 urges VA, DE and MD residents to be on alert this weekend as potential Tropical…

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Spike in Holiday Traffic Brings Increase in Gas Prices


A spike in driving travel over the holidays has resulted in higher prices at the pumps both nationally and regionally.  The national average for unleaded gas increased three cents to $2.58 on Friday.  In Delaware the price at the pump jumped 4 cents to $2.38 a gallon.  Officials at AAA Mid-Atlantic are watching the situation…

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Possible Meteor Spotted Across Delmarva Overnight


Numerous residents across the Mid-Atlantic including on Delmarva took to social media on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to say they say what was potentially a meteor lighting up the night sky. It was seen for a few seconds around 11 p.m., with reports as far north as New York and as far south as…

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Gas Prices Beginning to Drop


Gas prices have started to reverse a bit with the start of June as crude oil prices have decreased by over $2 per barrel in the past week.  The national average for gas has dropped 2 cents in the last week – to $2.95 – in Delaware the price has fallen from $2.95 last week…

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Gas Prices Holding – for Now


The price at the pump continues to increase in some states.  However in Delaware the price remained the same as a week ago – $2.76 – 48 cents a gallon higher than a year ago.  Triple A Mid-Atlantic still expects the price to increase another 5 to 10 cents through Memorial Day, which is the…

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