Del. AG Jennings Introduces Abortion Legal Helpline

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A public-private non-profit initiative has led to the creation of the Delaware Attorney General’s Abortion Legal Helpline. According to Attorney General Kathy Jennings, the helpline will offer free legal advice for anyone in search of guidance following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturns Roe v. Wade and leaves abortion-related matters to the states.…

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Del. Chancery Court Backs State Challenge Of Seaford Ordinance Concerning Disposal Of Fetal Remains

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The City of Seaford’s much-discussed ordinance that attempted to require that remains following the termination of a pregnancy be buried or cremated has been overturned in a Delaware Chancery Court ruling released Wednesday. City officials who supported the ordinance said the goal was to provide dignified treatment of remains and that it was not an…

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Del. Bill Addresses Access To Abortion Medications


Physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses would be permitted to prescribe approved medications for termination of a pregnancy in Delaware, under a bill that has passed the State Senate.The sponsors said this legislation addresses a provision in the state code that allows only qualified physicians to prescribe and administer abortion medications. Requirements surrounding these…

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Seaford Votes To Stay Enforcement Of Fetal Remains Ordinance

Seaford city officials will ‘stay’ the enforcement of an ordinance that would regulate the disposal of fetal remains following an abortion that’s conducted within the city. Council members and the mayor met Thursday in a special session. Potential legal action against the city was also discussed during an executive session. “The motion that is going…

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