Del. AG Jennings Introduces Abortion Legal Helpline


A public-private non-profit initiative has led to the creation of the Delaware Attorney General’s Abortion Legal Helpline.

According to Attorney General Kathy Jennings, the helpline will offer free legal advice for anyone in search of guidance following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturns Roe v. Wade and leaves abortion-related matters to the states.

Abortion remains legal in Delaware.

More than a dozen law firms, Planned Parenthood of Delaware, ACLU of Delaware and other organizations have developed the service. The Abortion Legal Helpline can be reached at  (302) 992-8096 or toll-free at (877) 312-2366.

“Abortion is legal in Delaware, but millions of women in our sister states face legal and medical peril because of their states’ draconian abortion laws,” Jennings said. “Our Abortion Legal Helpline is 100% free, completely confidential, and ready to help anyone — be they residents of our state, visitors, or providers.  I am grateful to the attorneys from our world-class legal community – both in the DOJ and in the private sector – and to our friends in the nonprofit and advocacy community who are helping so many in this time of need.”  

The service will also provide “know your rights” guidance and referrals for Delawareans seeking abortions, people who are seeking to travel to Delaware to obtain an abortion, people and organizations that provide support for these patients, and to healthcare providers.

“Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s unprecedented and dangerous decision to overturn nearly five decades of court precedents, many people across the nation have wondered what the legal status of abortion is,” ACLU Delaware Executive Director Mike Brickner said. “Today, we deliver a simple message for Delawareans and anyone who may come to Delaware seeking abortion care: abortion is legal here and the legal community has your back. The ACLU of Delaware is proud to support the Attorney General’s Abortion Legal Helpline as the latest step in the effort to fortify abortion access in our state. We look forward to connecting the people who seek abortion care and providers with pro bono lawyers who are dedicated to assisting them.” 

“Planned Parenthood of Delaware is grateful to the Department of Justice and the numerous private attorneys who have offered their assistance,” Planned Parenthood of Delaware President Ruth Lytle-Barnaby added. “As states attack reproductive rights like never before, offering protections and resources for patients and providers is more important than ever. This initiative should help both answer questions pertaining to providing and accessing care and ensure that those in need are able to obtain an abortion. People deserve the right to receive medical services without fear of official reprisal.”