Del. AG Jennings: Supreme Court Ruling In Abortion Case A “Sad Statement”


Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings expressed disappointment Friday in the US Supreme Court ruling in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: Jennings said the following in a statement: “Just one day after dramatically curtailing states’ rights to regulate guns, the Supreme Court has upended a half-century of legal precedent by permitting states…

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Del. Abortion Rights Protections Strengthened Under House-Passed Bill, Say Sponsors


The House of Representatives has approved a bill that its sponsor said would improve availability of safe and accessible reproductive healthcare services, while protecting patients and providers from facing legal action under abortion laws in other states. House Bill 455 passed with 24 yes votes, 13 no Tuesday. Four representatives were absent. “As a nurse,…

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Del. Legislation Touted As Strengthening Abortion Rights Protections


New legislation in the Delaware General Assembly would make ‘safe and accessible reproductive healthcare services’ more widely available, according to its sponsors.The measure includes protections for providers and out-of-state residents who seek or receive reproductive health care services such as an abortion in The First State. Matters such as medical privacy, limitations on extradition to…

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