Del. AG Jennings Introduces Abortion Legal Helpline

DE AttorneyGeneral-Seal

A public-private non-profit initiative has led to the creation of the Delaware Attorney General’s Abortion Legal Helpline. According to Attorney General Kathy Jennings, the helpline will offer free legal advice for anyone in search of guidance following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturns Roe v. Wade and leaves abortion-related matters to the states.…

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Del. Chancery Court Backs State Challenge Of Seaford Ordinance Concerning Disposal Of Fetal Remains


The City of Seaford’s much-discussed ordinance that attempted to require that remains following the termination of a pregnancy be buried or cremated has been overturned in a Delaware Chancery Court ruling released Wednesday. City officials who supported the ordinance said the goal was to provide dignified treatment of remains and that it was not an…

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ACLU Reacts To Sussex Reassessment Agreement


Plaintiffs in a school funding case are pleased with the ultimate resolution: an agreement with all three Delaware counties, including Sussex, to move forward with property reassessment. The ACLU of Delaware and Community Legal Aid Society represented Delawareans for Educational Opportunity and the NAACP of Delaware. The Sussex County agreement is the last in a…

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‘Clean Slate’ Initiative Takes Shape In Del.


A ‘clean slate’ campaign is underway in Delaware. The ACLU of Delaware and other coalitions and advocates are looking to build on a national movement to ‘automate the clearing of criminal records after a period of time.’ They said this would allow people who have served their debt to society to move on with their…

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ACLU Calls For Action In Response to SCI COVID-19 Cases


The ACLU of Delaware says the outbreak of coronavirus positive cases at Sussex Correctional Institution requires immediate steps. The organization calls upon state leaders to consider the release of medically vulnerable people who may pose little risk to public safety but are at risk of being exposed to covid-19. Also ACLU of Delaware Executive Director…

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