UD President & Others Volunteer Portion of Salaries to Preserve Workforce


Recognizing that sacrifices are required across the University, President Assanis shared that he and other administrators will be voluntarily forgoing portions of their salaries.Ā He made the announcement this afternoon in a letter sent to faculty and staff. The President, Provost and Executive Vice President will be taking 10% cuts in theirĀ salaries for Fiscal Year 2021.…

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Delaware State Rep. wants action on bills to hold elected officials, candidates accountable


Delaware State Representative Ruth Briggs-King is advocating for bills to hold elected officials and candidates more accountable by preventing the “double-dipping” of taxpayer-funded jobs and requiring candidates disclose unpaid state or federal personal income taxes. The first measure, currently pending action in the House Administration Committee as House Bill 137, would require that all candidates…

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