MERR Rescues Sea Turtle Snagged by Fishing Hook


Suzanne Thurman from the¬†MERR Institute¬†says her organization helped save this¬†Kemp’s ridley¬†sea turtle in Slaughter Beach who got caught by a fishing hook last week. The fisherman took the turtle to the Dupont Nature Center which got in touch with MERR. The turtle actually ingested the hook, so it required surgery for removal which was performed…

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4 Sea Turtles Killed by Suspected Boat Propeller Strikes


Last week’s rough surf may have been the reason the¬†MERR Institute¬†had more than the usual number of sea turtle responses. Suzanne Thurman, MERR executive director, says her organization investigated the deaths of three loggerheads and two Kemp’s ridleys. All were located on the Delaware Bay between Prime Hook and Pickering beaches. Four, she says, like the one…

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