Wicomico Co. Schools Name Teacher of the Year


A high school science teacher has been named Wicomico Teacher of the Year for 2022-23.
Rebecca Mathews has been teaching at Wicomico High School since 2014. Mathews also advises the Student Government Association, National Honor Society and other activities, and is involved with after school tutoring, evening high school and other programs that intend to ensure student success.

Rebecca Mathews, Wicomico Co. Teacher of the Year

Mathews also taught previously for 14 years at other Maryland schools before joining Wicomico High School.

“Leaders are not simply born. They learn to hone their craft through processes that engage them in collaborating with adults and classmates, writing and carrying out effective agendas, planning events, and more,” Mathews wrote. “For my students, these opportunities to lead have helped them build a stronger and deeper connection to our school community, and the skills developed lead to opportunities in college and the workforce as they become campus mentors, residential advisors, Honor Council presidents, and commissioned Army officers. These amazing young people give me hope for communities near and far, big and small.”

“I am very proud to announce the name of Rebecca Mathews of Wicomico High School as our 2022-2023 Wicomico Teacher of the Year,” Wicomico County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin said as she made the announcement with Board of Education Chairman Eugene Malone Jr. “Mrs. Mathews is an outstanding and dedicated teacher and a passionate advocate for her students. She will be a wonderful representative of the more than 1,360 Wicomico teachers in the Maryland State Teacher of the Year Recognition Program.”

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