2 Del. Bills Touted As Gun Safety


Two bills were introduced in the Delaware State Senate Thursday that the sponsors said would “promote responsible gun ownership” and “reduce the firepower capability of deadly weapons.”

Senate Bill 3 would require a permit and firearms training before the purchase of a handgun.

Senate Bill 6 would outlaw large capacity magazines capable of holding more than 17 rounds.

Both measures are scheduled to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee next Wednesday, March 31st.

“Through countless polls and election cycles, Delawareans have been clear in their support for measures that will reduce the gun violence plaguing our communities and address the wave of mass shootings gripping our nation,” Senate Majority Whip Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman, D-Wilmington said. “We cannot stand idly by and allow the carnage to continue without taking direct and meaningful action to curb the flow of high-powered weaponry streaming into our neighborhoods. The bills we introduced today will raise the level of responsible gun ownership in our state and give local police the tools they need to keep handguns out of the hands of criminals.” Lockman is the prime sponsor of SB 3.

“Responsible gun owners have no legitimate need to fire off 17 rounds without reloading,” Senate President Pro Tempore David Sokola, D-Newark said about the legislation of which he is cosponsor, SB6. “But limiting the sale of these absurdly large magazines will help to save lives in police standoffs and mass shootings where these items inevitably lead to far greater deaths and casualties.” 

“It’s past time for serious action to address gun violence that plagues communities across our country. The tragic and senseless shootings in Boulder, Colo., and Atlanta only make that more clear,” Governor John Carney said in a statement. “I agree with President Biden that Congress should take immediate action to protect American communities. In the meantime, we won’t wait to do what’s right in Delaware. Thank you to members of the General Assembly for their leadership and partnership on this issue.” 

“Owning a gun is a right and a responsibility. The vast majority of Delawareans support smart gun safety policies, including permits and magazine capacity limits, because they refuse to accept the status quo on gun violence,” Attorney General Kathy Jennings said in a statement. “We’ve seen how effective these policies are in other states: in one permit to purchase state alone, gun homicides fell by 40% and gun suicides fell by 15%. These are common sense, constitutionally sound bills and I applaud Sen. Lockman, Sen. Sokola, and their colleagues for introducing them. I’ll do everything in my power to help the General Assembly pass them this year.”