That’s a Wrap: 151st Del. General Assembly Concludes

Governor John Carney and legislators gathered following the end of the 151st Delaware General Assembly (photo courtesy of the office of Gov. John Carney)

The curtain has come down on the 151st Delaware General Assembly.Members of the House and Senate stayed in session after midnight to meet constitutional requirements to have a special session if it’s necessary. “We’ve done a lot this legislative session to move the state forward,” Governor John Carney said. “We’ve signed a sustainable budget. We…

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Del. House Passes Bill That Restricts “Assault-Style” Weapons


The Delaware House of Representatives voted 22-19 Thursday in favor of legislation that would, according to its sponsors, effectively prohibit the buying, selling, and possession of assault-style weapons. Such weapons would be legally defined and would include the AK-47, AR-15, UZI and similar firearms. The legislation, House Bill 450, would “grandfather” existing weapons and protect…

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2 Del. Bills Touted As Gun Safety


Two bills were introduced in the Delaware State Senate Thursday that the sponsors said would “promote responsible gun ownership” and “reduce the firepower capability of deadly weapons.” Senate Bill 3 would require a permit and firearms training before the purchase of a handgun. Senate Bill 6 would outlaw large capacity magazines capable of holding more…

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‘Ghost Guns’ Targeted With Del. Legislation


Manufacturing or possessing a ‘ghost gun’ could become a crime in Delaware. Ghost guns are made at home with kits, can be sold by unlicensed dealers and can be purchased without a background check.They have no serial numbers and cannot be traced, and they can often get through metal detectors. House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst,…

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