Two Additional Gun-Related Bills Introduced In Del. General Assembly


Two additional gun-related bills have been introduced in the Delaware General Assembly, with just three weeks to go in this year’s session.

One measure would amend the existing liability shield that protects gunmakers and gun dealers from civil action in Delaware, even if their conduct ‘knowingly or recklessly endangers the safety and health of Delawareans.’ If Senate Bill 302 becomes law, someone would be able to sue for damages if someone in the gun business is reckless or negligent, and the Delaware Department of Justice would be permitted to seek an injunction prohibiting that gun-industry member from continuing to engage in their action.

Also, Senate Bill 8 would outlaw possession, sale and use of auto sears, Glock switches and other devices that can convert semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic machine guns, capable of firing up to 1,200 rounds a minute. The devices are often sold online or can be 3-D printed.

“Delaware took an important step in 2018 to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks. Unfortunately, firearm accessories and devices are always evolving, so we have to remain vigilant,” State Representative Ed Osienski, D-Brookside said. “Automatic weapons already are illegal, so this should be a common-sense initiative to prohibit additional devices that can convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones. I look forward to this bill passing both chambers this month.” 

“Delawareans have been clear in their support for legislation that will reduce the gun violence plaguing our communities and address the wave of mass shootings gripping our nation,” State Senate President David Sokola, D-Newark said. “These two bills – combined with legislation to prohibit access to assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, raise the legal age for gun purchases and strengthen background checks – will help to make our children and our communities safer.” 

“There is no reason that anyone should be able to sell or buy accessories whose sole purpose is to circumvent the law by turning legal guns into fully-automatic weapons, and there is no reason that we should not have every tool available to us in the fight to disrupt gun trafficking,” Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said. “I’m tremendously grateful to the sponsors for fighting for responsible gun laws in our state.”