Del. House Passes Bill That Restricts “Assault-Style” Weapons


The Delaware House of Representatives voted 22-19 Thursday in favor of legislation that would, according to its sponsors, effectively prohibit the buying, selling, and possession of assault-style weapons. Such weapons would be legally defined and would include the AK-47, AR-15, UZI and similar firearms. The legislation, House Bill 450, would “grandfather” existing weapons and protect…

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Del. One Step Closer To Banning “Ghost Guns”


By a vote of 23-18, the Delaware House of Representatives has passed a bill that would outlaw possession and manufacturing of what are known as “ghost guns”- firearms made with untraceable components sometimes sold as kits. House Bill 125 was sponsored by House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, D- Bear. Supporters of the measure cited reports…

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2 Del. Bills Touted As Gun Safety


Two bills were introduced in the Delaware State Senate Thursday that the sponsors said would “promote responsible gun ownership” and “reduce the firepower capability of deadly weapons.” Senate Bill 3 would require a permit and firearms training before the purchase of a handgun. Senate Bill 6 would outlaw large capacity magazines capable of holding more…

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Delaware Legislators Pass Safe Storage Gun Bill


Both chambers of the Delaware state legislature has approved a bill that would require the “safe storage” of firearms, so that those who are not legally allowed to access them cannot do so. Democratic Governor John Carney signed House Bill 63 on Thursday. It expands an existing provision regarding unlawfully permitting a child access to…

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Maryland Lawmakers Consider Background Checks for Private Gun Sales

MD Senate Chamber

The Maryland State Senate is set to take up a bill that would require background checks on private sales of riles and shotguns. The Senate will take up a different version of the bill than the one passed by the House of Delegates. If approved, a conference committee will have to iron out the differences…

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Gun Control Advocates Pressure Maryland Lawmakers


Gun control advocates were at the Maryland State House in Annapolis on Thursday, pressuring lawmakers to support bills in the 2019 Session. The demonstrators were primarily from the Maryland chapter of “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.” The demonstrators say they’re calling for what they call “common sense” legislation, which includes banning 3-D…

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