3rd Outage Affects 911 Service


For the third time in less than two weeks, an outage affected the ability to reach 9-1-1 dispatch.AT&T cell subscribers could not complete calls to 9-1-1 in Sussex and Kent Counties for a while Sunday, according to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and Delaware State Police.The problem was resolved after about three hours.A…

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911 Cell Disruption Resolved In Sussex, Kent Counties

Blue-Police-Car-Light - Photo: © Copyright Jaromir Chalabala/ Shutterstock_222952348.jpg

Cell phone users in Sussex and Kent Counties experienced difficulty getting through to 9-1-1 for about three hours Monday night.Delaware State Police say the problem was resolved late Monday night. Last Monday September 28th, 9-1-1 dispatch centers were also unreachable by phone for a time. You can text 9-1-1 or call a local police department…

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