Monthly Covid-19 Update from Delaware Division of Public Health


New data is out related to Covid-19 data and vaccines. The latest information from the Delaware Division of Public Health shows the statewide average of new positive Covid-19 cases has increased slightly since Thanksgiving and other gatherings over the past month. Hospitalizations have also increased. As the holiday season continues with families gathering and traveling,…

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DPH UPDATE: Covid-19 Cases Increasing in DE; Flu Season Still Here


The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) reports an increase in COVID-19 cases since the previous¬†monthly COVID-19 update¬†released on April 22, 2022.¬†While COVID-19 cases are increasing in Delaware, hospitalizations and deaths remain significantly lower when compared to the winter¬†surge.¬†DPH continues to encourage Delawareans to get tested if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19¬†or have been exposed…

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