Sussex Dept of Elections Planning Changes in Polling Locations


Changes are planned for Sussex County polling locations. The Department of Elections in Sussex County is adding 21 new polling locations in an effort to shorten potential wait times, reduce the driving distances for voters and to ensure that the most accessible facilities are being used. There are seven locations that are proposed to be…

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Delaware GOP Loses Challenges To Vote-By-Mail


The Delaware Republican Party has been denied injunctive relief in its attempt to stop the Department of Elections from sending out mail-in ballots and to keep votes cast by mail from being counted. Delaware Court of Chancery Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III issued a 24-page opinion Monday evening, several days after he heard arguments. The…

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Want to File for Office? Deadline is Noon on Tuesday


If you’re thinking about filing as a candidate for a statewide office in Delaware – noon Tuesday is the deadline to file with the State Election Commissioner – and for all other offices with the Department of Elections. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON FILING FOR FEDERAL OR STATE OFFICE  

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