Trial of Auditor McGuiness Goes to Jury

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Jury deliberations are underway in the trial of Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness.
The Jury in Kent County Superior Court got the case Thursday afternoon.
The panel started deliberations…

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Closing Arguments in 2nd Vaughn Trial Begin Monday


Testimony has concluded in the second trial of suspects accused in the Vaughn Prison riot in February 2017.  Abednego Baynes, Kevin Berry, John Bramble and Obadiah Miller are…

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Next Vaughn Trial to Begin in Mid-January

Jury selection for the next group of prisoners who allegedly took part in the prison riot at the Vaughn Correctional Center will begin on January 7th.  Obadiah Miller,…

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Judge Working to Set Start Date of 2nd Vaughn Trial

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The first of multiple trials for three of the defendants involved in the prison riot at the Vaughn Correctional Institution in February of 2017 ended last week.   Officials…

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