US Wind, U. of Md. To Partner In Wind Power Research Project

A wind power company pledges $11-million over ten years in a research partnership with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.According to Baltimore-based U.S. Wind Incorporated, the research would take place in its 80,000-acre federal lease area off the Ocean City coast. Three research projects are aimed at understanding the potential effects of offshore…

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US Wind Deploys Data-Collection Buoy Off OC Coast

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U.S Wind has deployed a Floating Light Detecting and Ranging Buoy off the coast of Ocean City. The developer of proposed offshore wind power said the buoy will collect wind speed data and direction. It also will help produce data about wildlife and the environment by monitoring birds, bats and marine life to determine their…

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Md. PSC reopens evidentiary hearing process for Ocean City offshore wind project over turbine size

Following calls from elected officials, residents, and others concerned about a proposal to install an offshore wind farm off the coast of Ocean City, the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced that it will hold two separate evidentiary hearings regarding the size of the turbines. The decision to reopen the evidentiary process comes on…

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