Schaeffer Wins In Sussex Co. 3rd District Race

Mark Schaeffer

Unofficial results indicate that Republican Mark Schaeffer has been elected in Sussex County Council’s 3rd district following the counting of votes for write-in candidate Patti Drago. Drago obtained 10,402 write-in votes in the election. The count for Schaeffer stood at 16,547. The Board of Canvass is scheduled to meet Thursday to certify the Sussex County…

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Update: Write-In Candidate Addresses Financing Questions


**Patti Drago provided this correspondence with the Department of Elections concerning campaign financing: Dear Mr. Albence,I received your letter informing me that I am required to comply with the reporting requirements of Chapter 80 of Title 15. I agree and I believe that I am in compliance with these requirements.In your letter, you do not specifically say…

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