Rehoboth’s Dolle’s Sign Finally Has Its New Home!

The long-awaited installation of the Dolle’s sign on the Rehoboth Beach Museum was completed Wednesday afternoon with a brief ceremony. More than 250 donors contributed $35,000 to fund the installation on the canal side of the city-owned building. The Dolle’s sign arrival at the Rehoboth Beach Museum offers a very large example of the power…

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“Piping Out” Returns to Rehoboth Beach!

More than 60 people turned out early Monday evening to help the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society revive an old town tradition, the piping-out musical boardwalk parade! Revelers with various musical instruments assembled on the boardwalk at the Henlopen Hotel and marched down the boardwalk to Rehoboth Avenue led by Nick Nichols, bandleader and trombonist. Although records are ambiguous, a…

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The Popular “Acoustic Jam Night” Returns to Rehoboth Beach Museum!

For a blast from the past, don’t miss the Rehoboth Beach Museum’s re-creation of Acoustic Jam Night, the popular musical event held at The Front Page Restaurant & Bar from 1984 through 1993. This year’s Jam Night will be on Friday, Oct. 5, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Rehoboth Beach Museum. The…

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Propaganda & the American Revolution Discussion Coming to R.B. on Tuesday


Propaganda, a method of persuasion that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes, opinions, and actions of people is used for ideological, political and/or commercial purposes. Modern-day propaganda has many media resources to influence the thought processes of the populace.  During the era of the American Revolution, the American colonies had a flourishing network of newspapers…

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Rehoboth Beach Museum Reopens After 2nd-Floor Expansion Project!

Mattress Peddlers

The Rehoboth Beach Museum officially reopened this past weekend after an eight-month-long construction project that renovated its second floor. The construction project first started in 2005-06, says Paul Kuhns, Rehoboth Museum president and Rehoboth Beach mayor. At that time, Mayor Kuhns explained, they took the “old ice house” and started construction by building a new…

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