Move-In Day at UD

Today and Friday is move-in day at the University of Delaware for first year students. Upper division move-in is Saturday.…

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COVID Concerns At UD

Coronavirus cases among students have been on the rise at the University of Delaware.

UD is making a few operational changes,…

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Sen. Coons Drops Out Of Oct. 14th Debate

An October debate at the University of Delaware will proceed without the involvement of Democratic U.S. Senator Chris Coons.
According to the University of Delaware Center for Political…

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UD Cuts Back To Avoid $250-Million Budget Hit

Mattress Peddlers

The University of Delaware is cutting costs as it anticipates a heavy budget hit due to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UD Postpones May Commencement

UD postpones May Commencement and University officials are looking for input on alternatives from graduating students.