Traffic Stop Leads To 2 Arrests

An attempted traffic stop in Harrington escalates into a pursuit, and the arrests of two people.

According to Harrington Police, a…

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Md. Bill Enhances Telecounseling

Mary Beth Carozza

Telemedicine has taken off during the pandemic. Why not tele-counseling?

A Maryland legislative committee heard testimony on a bill ensure that…

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Op. “Rise-N-Shyne” Results In 50+ Arrests


An investigation by Dover Police and other agencies into illegal gang activity and drug distribution has resulted in more than 50 arrests.

Seaford Man Arrested For 3rd DUI


A Seaford man was arrested Halloween night for 3rd offense DUI and related charges after Harrington Police said he was discovered passed out in a vehicle.

Pursuit, Struggle Lead To Bridgeville Man’s Arrest

A Bridgeville man is facing drug related charges and other offenses after he was first approached by police about an active warrant in a domestic-related case.